Who's Miketastic?
"I am the fanatical bastard who's passion can't be stopped, I love life too damn much to quit, I accept my false, but I will not be denied, I am the content that keeps on giving, my name is Mike, and I am Fantastic!" — Miketastic

[Download .gif]

...Okay putting kayfabe aside, hey guys I'm Mike, Miketastic or Mikey Dayz is my alter ego persona in the stickman universe. 

He is a blue (turquoise) stick figure character that wears a black beanie and a red tie. A resident in Highgate Landing, he's a freelance photojournalist and part-time pro wrestler, his goal is to meet every iconic Dojo Duelists and interview them hoping to obtain knowledge and wisdom then illustrate it all for the future generation to see, learn and improve.

My plans to debut this character as a Duelist in the HyunsDojo's Dojo Duels is still in the process, and I want to create a full animated fighting demo of him kicking ass while showing a personality that the audience can connect.

I have the idea, the animation software to create; time is debatable, motivation to DO IT is really lacking, I need your help. I'd like to hear what you have to say about this, is it worth becoming a Patreon?