Who's That Troll?
Well I decided to make this Patreon page more inclusive of all my work not just my Limboland Comics. So I'll be posting more art on here. 

So here is where I got my Icon from. This image is over a year old, but I still kinda like it. Those of you who know me really well, know that I'm writing a fantasy novel. When I have the time, energy and know-how I sometimes like to draw the characters from that novel. 

This is young Ayden and his adopted Troll Father.

Tier Benefits
Green Dragon
$1 or more per month
Forest dwelling and jade in color, Green dragons receive these benefits:

  • A Feeling of goodness that comes with being generous.
  • Monthly access to Patrons only vlog posts and sketches. Also life updates, what books I'm reading, movies I'm watching and projects I'm working on.
Fire Wyrm
$5 or more per month
Long, wriggly and with a head full of teeth, the Fire Wyrm is a bane to mountain villages everywhere!

  • Same benefits as the green dragons above.
  • A looky Look into my sketchbooks. Even the most private of sketchbooks with the ugliest of sketches.
  • A chance to vote on the names of the various creatures I create.
$10 or more per month
Why have one head when you could have two, or three or four?

  • Argumentative and often confused, Hydra's receive the same benefits as greenies and wyrms!
  • Private monthly Q&A videos, where I answer your questions about art and life.
Gold Dragon
$25 or more per month
An ancient metallic dragon with scales that shimmer and shine! 

  • Gold Dragons get all the previous rewards.
  • A monthly Black and White ink drawing on a 5"x 7" card
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