To creators reading this As should be obvious: I'm not a lawyer and none of this constitutes legal advice it's just an explanation from me to an outsider why I'm doing what I'm doing.   

To anyone getting ready to give creators advice: Please don't give legal advice or insanely intense doom and gloom predictions to creators unless you have a full, up to date, understanding of the matter at hand.  

Also for those scared out about the initial statements by the ftc on animation: check out the update from yesterday, it's way less.... shall we say "vague and terrifying."
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ACTUAL POST-

Ok so, this is an incredibly uncertain time for Youtube creators, more specifically animators.   
Youtube is making some huge changes... Again.

Unfortunately as always happens with these changes: Animation a high labor, misunderstood, multimedia punching; bag gets hit just as hard.

Youtube basically used creators to attract 2-12 year olds and instead of making policies to avoid collecting their data.... YT used them to turn a massive profit on unauthorized data collection.  So, they got fined.  Massively massively fined.

YT pointed at the creators and essentially blamed them for making content to lure young children onto the platform.  Then they gave all creators a switch to mark content as aimed at kids or not made for kids

There is a misconception that marking content as aimed for kids just cuts into ad rev, no it will de-list the videos, make them unsearchable and make them unable to be added to playlists.  It looks better than setting it to private but it will basically do just that.

What youtube main is clearly trying to do is eject young kids to, well.. YT Kids.
I'm not saying it's right or wrong but we've all seen videos on youtube that probably belong on YT Kids.  Trains talking to monkeys in jibberish language etc...

I can very comfortably say, that isn't my channel.

Anyway, that brings me to the videos being set to private.  My content has, from the beginning, been aimed at, honestly, well... me.
An idiot in his 30's who fucked up my wizard spell list one day and went "Where the fuck are the videos for this stuff?"  

So I made a dumb video, (with a fuckload of errors in it) and then two and then a whole series (again with a metric shit ton of erros in it) and it turns out there are a lot of us out there.

I treated the videos as a conversation between me and a co-worker who I have conned into playing their first game of D&D with me this Friday.  A conversation like that doesn't have ultraviolence and titties packed into every other word.

A conversation like that sometimes involves making a goofy little sketch in the margins.

But looking at those videos now, I decided to set private those videos where it's not obvious in the first few seconds that it's clearly made with an adult mind as the audience.  

I know the FTC are after the Elsa Channels, the choo choo train wow vids, the underwater monkey vids.   
(which itself is still ridiculous, I don't think sane parents care that much about targeted advertising that they feel even those bad actors should be punished with 42 thousand dollar fines per video. Those are worse than the fines you might face for getting blind drunk and crashing your car into the side of a firetruck.)  

As time goes on, and we see how this whole thing shakes out, maybe this was a huge overreaction, but I'm not somebody who takes risks on this kind of stuff.  

If I were a more optimistic less anxious man, probably it would have been four or five vids set taken down but I'm a basketcase.   So it's many more than that.

Those videos will all find new homes on the internet.  Shorter ones on twitter and/or instagram, longer ones possibly on Twitch.

The entire Animated Spellbook Library will also (in addition to being on free platforms somewhere) be organized into easily navigated private libraries here for patrons.


Thanks for watching the videos, I will keep releasing many more to youtube (though there will obviously be even more swearing, violence, etc...)

You can subscribe to the patreon for free if you're interested in more news updates and things like the c-team animations (which I would never pay-gate)

And if you are frustrated by these changes, take it up with the FTC.  Honestly things could get a lot worse before they get better. We should clearly signal that treating every youtube video as a private website and fining creators more than they make in a year is unreasonable.

If you want to know more about the situation or sign a petition to slow down some of these changes go here, there are lots of videos and links in the description:  

I also HIGHLY recommend, after getting educated about the issue, commenting on the FTC's website.
Please be civil.

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