Why Are People Into Puppies?!
Episode 32 is Why Are People Into Puppies?! with kinky party promoter Yandy

Fetch! Speak! Roll over! This episode is all about people who love to role play as dogs. Sometimes their puppy persona becomes a part of their sexual identity, a way to access innocence, playfulness, and carnal passion. Tina talks to kinky party promoter Yandy of Mythical Events NYC about the best places to buy puppy gear, and what it means to be something other than human for a little while.

DISCUSSED: Puppy-on-puppy Love / Scooby Snack Graham Crackers / Butt Plugs with Tails / Elbow Pads / Halloween Store Finds / Saran Wrap / Love until the Heat Death of the Universe / You Know if You’ve Been a Fucking Goddamn Good Ottoman or Not / Positive Reinforcement DS / Walkies