Why Are People Into Masturbation w Antoinette
“I deserve to dance in the fields of Dionysus!” In the first edition of a new bonus segment  sponsored by the Pleasure Chest, I speak with Pleasure Chest educators about the subjects the store is celebrating every month. Since it’s Masturbation May, I spoke on the phone with Antoinette Elizabeth , the manager of the Pleasure Chest in the Lakeview area of Chicago.

We discussed why people are into: vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and erotica, and how masturbation can help you to process the depressing and anxiety-provoking news!

Antoinette Elizabeth  has been talking sex and sharing stories at the Chicago Pleasure Chest for over nine years. You can find them teaching workshops at the Lincoln location, managing the Broadway location, or nerding out about bodies, culture, time and the cosmos on Facebook and Twitter. (Please note that the cosmos includes 70s shoujo manga, horror movies, glitter eyeshadow, witchcraft, and cat pictures.)