Why are we doing this?
In 2002 we started with a simple mission: to invent what was essentially Wordpress and then never think about capitalizing on it.  That turned out to be a poorly thought out mission, but at least we wrote hundreds of pages over the next four years on important topics such as the Medieval Times catalog, avante garde art done in MS Paint, and stopping outsourcing by annexing call centers.

Over the years we let our domain lapse due to a combination of school and gainful employment.  Some awful human being owns it now so you can only check out the glory that was on archive.org .

But life, something something Buddha, and we decided to rise from our ashes like the great Returno bird of legend.  In  the intervening years most people have stopped reading, you may in fact only be frowning at these symbols before you instead of enjoying a video of a 16 year old narrating their latest purchase from Sephora.  Instead we're doing a podcast or, as the Millenials call it, a 'talkie'.

Doing a good talkie requires decent recording equipment and funds to better host that audio on a networked hard drive in Nebraska called The Cloud.  We need money for this.  You have change we can believe in.  Give us money.

Thank you,

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