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Why Ask Why?
Why do you do the things you do the way you do them? We've all seen those dumb articles that describe your personality based on the way you slant your letters and the quizzes that tell you which character you are, based on some extremely vague questionnaire with only five questions. They always seem to surprise us with how accurate they are, right. It goes without saying, but those personality tests are obviously extraordinarily generic and could be applied to pretty much anyone, but they're still a ton of fun purely because they tell us more about ourselves.

I believe that it is an innate desire in us to be known. We need to be known by other people, or else loneliness and self-despair will undoubtedly set in. We were created to be in community with others. When we're not in some group with others life is just not the way it is supposed to be. If you've ever been in a situation where you don't know anybody, like if you just moved or something, you will know what I mean. When I first moved to Redding and only knew a few people I became depressed. I was already emotionally unstable, so this summer was rough at the better times. The most positive thing about it was that since I didn't know many people and I didn't have to work, I had way to much free time to myself. I spent nearly 6 hours a day at the prayer house with God praying, reading my bible, and processing all sorts of things from past hurts to theology. I built an intimacy with God during this period that became the cornerstone of everything that happened to me during my experiences at Bethel. This was also an incredible season of loneliness for me. This was the season of shepherding sheep to build intimacy with God, just like David and Moses.

We all need this season. We should all pursue with intensity knowledge of ourselves. You will find that as you pursue yourself, God will reveal Himself in you.

God will break down your fears, and show you how much of a champion you are. He will prod your insecurities and then encourage you by telling you what he thinks about you. He will expand your dreams and all the hopes for your life. He will assist you in your struggles by giving you wisdom. His small whisper will pull you into the most life-changing encounters that will, in turn, change the world. His conviction is true love at it's purest. His holiness will gravitate you into his presence and burn away all shame and uncleanness.

I have been trying to come up with more to say but there just isn't much else. I guess God wants to reveal what you need by yourselves. I only want to encourage you strongly to listen and proactively pursue it.

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