Why c.c.t.v. Will k.i.a. //
Why c.c.t.v. Will k.i.a.
closed circuit television in open palm

follow the monochrome load
Observe the tuning of stringed instruments on stage
:time-thirty minutes to placement
noise will come and go in that span
monochrome road, extended with anxiety
late, we will reach with death ears
instruments Long battered / abandoned

closed circuit television relayed

"I'm sorry" you will tell him, "I missed your igniting of body."
between stations is too far
tube fed stress
ignore palm ley lines

Closed circuit television etched in skin

temperature changing under skin
eyes muddying into The Sleep
At one a.m. Or two a.m. It might happen
under the canopy of scratches
night, a constellation of hairline cracks

Closed circuit television malfunctions