Why commune with plants?
This way of communion is a new spirituality for our place, our time, and our people. As we strive to remember our relationships with wild nature, we can align ourselves with these beings—each containing spiritual truths that can help to guide us in our everyday and spiritual lives. Communication implies separateness, but when we commune, we open ourselves to a merging of consciousness. Meeting with these sacred and powerful plant medicines brings us into contact with the deepest parts of our own beings and helps us to connect with the essential life force of the planet. Through this process we come to understand the oneness of all creation.

Communing with plants illuminates the mystery of the human psyche and helps us let go of the cultural baggage that keeps us separate. We enter a collaborative initiatory process that slowly chips away at and removes the armor, defenses, and misunderstandings that we carry to protect ourselves from pain. If we are able to surrender ourselves to these divine beings of the forests, mountains, deserts, and valleys and move through life with an understanding of what they have to offer, we can remember our place in the web of life, and the doors to other realms of knowledge and wisdom open. Some plants open these doors very strongly and assuredly while others are more subtle in their action, but all plants are psychoactive.

The plants are here to teach us, and because of our long-term evolutionary process with them, it is the plants that can help us awaken and remember the wisdom that resides within us all. By ingesting them with intention and communing through song, meditation, presence, and awareness we are able to call upon the plants, whose very essence vibrates with the life force of the cosmos, to aid us in the process of awakening. When we open ourselves to these energies, our bodies, which were designed to harmonize with and vibrate at these same frequencies, will come into alignment with the divine essence of life. Whatever is not in alignment with this vibration can be offered as food for the trees, and in the same way that the trees and plants breathe in what we breathe out, the plants take in our psychic and spiritual excrement: our pain, fear, and sorrow, and transform it into new, life-giving essence.

In these times there are so many distractions that feed our lower selves. Connecting with the life force of the planet via the plants helps us to stay aligned with what is real and prevents us from succumbing to unhealthy habits rooted in the negative pathways that can fill our minds. Stepping away from these habitual patterns allows life to flow freely through our beings, and when we free our minds from the tyranny of thought and allow our nervous systems to interact with the chemistry of plants that we ingest into our bodies and learn to align ourselves with these energies and find the harmony in that interaction on a regular basis, we cannot help but become better humans and citizens of this planet. By aligning with the consciousnesses of plants in this way, we slough off the cultural programming that keeps us separate and return to a more indigenous way of being guided by the natural forces of life.

When we interact in this way we help revitalize and reestablish a bridge between our world of the physical plane and the spiritual plane. The plant spirits fill the room with a force that is palpable and a greater energetic vibrancy arises. By doing this we can help these spirits exist with greater force and clarity on the material plane and be of greater service to all of humanity. Not only will we who are doing this work have greater access to the healing energies which each of these plants embodies, but we will make it possible for others to access these gifts with greater ease as well.

The genius of plants and the thing that makes them such great teachers is that they create the space and opportunities for us to learn the intricacies of our own beings. This is the secret that has been lost by contemporary western medicine. We have given up our own power in healing and have projected it out onto doctors and drugs. Thankfully many of us are waking up from this illusion and are looking for alternative routes of healing.

The forest is a great repository of wisdom that remains alive and intact. Inviting the archetypal energies of plants to inhabit our bodies creates a foundation of support at the core of our beings that firms and consistently renews our faith in the truth of the natural world. By doing this we can birth and nurture the gifts that we bring to share with the world even as we become conduits for the plant spirits in a way that allows their wisdom and healing ability to manifest in the world.