Why did we open a Patreon page?
If this is your first time looking at our page, I know what you might be thinking.  Oh, another group playing D&D, trying to make money off of us.

That's not us.  We're not in this for money.

We opened the Patreon page for a couple of reasons.  The first was to simply cover the cost of operation.  Running a podcast requires domain registration and hosting.  As much as we love to play this game and present what we do to you and your family every week, there comes a time once a year where we have to "pay up to stay up".  There are those of you who have been kind enough to donate to us through our donation tab in the past.  With Patreon, we can be a little more transparent and also offer you some small tokens of our appreciation for your support.

Second, we want to grow.  Honestly, we talk a lot about offering other forms of content, such as YouTube gaming sessions, live streaming sessions, and even the occasional instructional video on how to improve aspects of your own session.  It's not just limited to D&D, however.  We're also avid gamers in other areas.  To be honest, I personally want to post videos of James brutally beating me in Boss Monsters or Martin waiting patiently in Magic the Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers, biding his time while the rest of us fight it out, oblivious to his treachery.

Mostly, we want to be able to bring in folks from outside to play with us.  After all, gaming is a social activity.  Whether we open our sessions online through Roll20 or organize a local gathering in a public venue somewhere, we love to interact with you and hear your "war stories" from your gaming sessions.  We love to learn about new games that people are playing.  We want to grow.

That's why we went with Patreon.  We want to grow and we know that there are those of you are willing to help and be part of that growth.  We thank you for it!

We can't wait to see how far we can go.


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