"Why did you create Autcraft?"
I'm still asked this question after all this time. It's to give children with autism a safe place to play. Most people assume that means away from the bullies and while that is true, it's not just the bullies that we need to be concerned about.

We often have players on the server wanting to share their contact info with other people on the server for other games so they can go off and play together there, places like Roblox... and we don't allow it. This upsets them greatly and they say it's not fair.

Then stories like this one come out.

THIS is exactly why we don't let people share that information on our server with each other. Yes, we have a whitelist and yes we monitor the server closely but no one, absolutely no one can be absolutely certain that a person online is who they say they are, not even on Autcraft. And if that person takes other players off of the server to go talk somewhere else... there's nothing that we can do.

We don't want to prevent players from getting together and we certainly don't want to stop anyone from having fun. But we know all too well that there are dangers out there and we can only protect you from them in one place... on the server.

And that is why Autcraft was created.

But we can only do so much in our little space. It's up to you to be aware of this everywhere else. Please watch your children's online activities. Please be aware that this can happen to anyone.

It's not being overbearing, it's not being untrusting, it's not being creepy... it's safety. Talk to your children, tell them what you're doing, work with them.

Keep them safe.

Read More: http://www.kidspot.com.au/parenting/real-life/in-the-news/dad-horrified-to-find-vile-messages-in-popular-game-on-sons-ipad

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