Why do I keep meta data?
One of my favourite people in the world is the author Steph Green (who is also on Patreon and you should go follow her). She has written some killer blogs about the music she listens to while she writes. As someone who also listens to music while I write, I found this knowledge intoxicating. It's like finding the inner life of others. I didn't do anything with it for ... well ... ever. And then when I started writing by hand, suddenly the meta data became important to me. In the photo on this blog you will see some of it, and how I keep it. Keeping meta data this way enables me to reflect on the process more easily. When was I? Where was I? What was in my ears? It shows me the environmental life of my writing, which is an insight I wouldn't otherwise have. It also gives me this silvery thread of joy when I look back and realise in how much of my life these stories have played a part. As an artist, that empowers me to write even more.
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