Why do Patreon for NASCAR Weather?
I'm going on almost 9 seasons doing NASCAR weather on Twitter. I started back in 2008 as a fan who just happened to be a meteorologist watching NASCAR races on TV... As I watched the coverage (I think it was a Pocono or Michigan race) the commentators were talking about rain getting closer and strategy BUT not a single radar was being shown to let viewers know where the rain was. The broadcast meteorologist hopped onto this fairly new social media site called Twitter and tweeted radar images and started to give ETA on rain. This happened a couple of races during the early summer. 

A journalist named Jeff Gluck saw my tweets and suggested I do forecasts and he started to retweet them. I met him at my first ever NASCAR race Watkins Glen and it happened to get rained out to Monday (go figure) the rest is racing history... 

As NASCAR weather has grown - so has the demand on resources - mostly time. It sometimes takes me away from my family. It is and always has been a balancing act between main job (Chief Meteorologist at KMVT in Twin Falls, ID) and my love of doing NASCAR weather for fans. Sure I write for SBNation.com and even had a few radio opportunities but despite promises and talks of compensation nothing ever occured.

After a major opportunity fell through during the off season - I approached Aaron (aka @RaceWeather) after seeing what Jeff Gluck was doing with his NASCAR reporting. I thought this might work for Aaron and I. 

While I can't and won't speak on Aaron's behalf I will tell you that while I love doing NASCAR weather it has become more work than a hobby. While yes you can get a lot of information from an app there is still a lot of info you are not going to get or race specifici information that we provide each week. 

Also - there are things Aaron and I would like to do to take NASCAR weather to the next level, like developing our own weather app. This is an avenue to do that. Also - helps justify all those hours watching radar and time away from family during a race to look at NASCAR weather. 

We appreciate any and all help. Our followers are some of the most loyal and wonder people out there and whatever we can get is a gift... Seriously... So far we are at $15 a month and I think that is $15 more a month than I thought we would get. We want to grow - we want to get better and we want to keep doing this. Thank you again...

Brian Neudorff