Why do we need spiritual guidance in this life?
I love storylines in which things are not always what they seem. . . If you can make it happen in a novel, movie, or television show, it will probably become a great success. 

Not too long ago I borrowed my friend’s laptop to watch a movie on Netflix as I was traveling back home. The first movie that showed up was called “The Invisible Guest.” It was from Spain, so I thought it was probably a bad, boring movie, but since my family had left Spain when the communist took over, I couldn’t just ignore it… OK, I said, only for 5 minutes and then we will see… Well, I haven’t stopped recommending that movie when anyone asks me for movie advice… I usually say "don’t waste your time!" This time, however, I have to acknowledge that the creator really mastered the art of showing that things are not always what they seem. . . And this is why we need to learn how to discern. And sometimes we might need extra help from someone else to find the answer. 

This mystery-novel core principle is also a wise attitude for successful living, especially if you are trying to discern the will of God in your life. It’s sad to see how many people make decisions, and sometimes life-changing decisions, based on feelings or temporary emotions, or judge situations by what appears to be real. The problem with this is not just that we are probably making a mistake, but a huge mistake, for God has given us a spirit of discernment so we can determine what’s best for us! This is a power that is natural in any human being, the first manifestation of which is our conscience. However, discernment can become dull by reason of sin, blind emotions, and a disordered and disoriented way of life. 

Now, think about how many decisions you must make on a daily basis: choices about family, finances, work, and more. Ideally, a decision would have a correct choice and an incorrect one. As a result, the choice would be easy. In reality, what seems right isn’t always what’s best. Some things, while neither wrong nor sinful, are nonetheless outside of God’s will for us. 

For that reason, it is of the utmost importance that we be able to grow in spiritual maturity so that with guidance from the Holy Spirit we become tools for making good and right judgments. The question isn’t whether a certain choice looks good or feels right, but whether it’s God’s will for that point in my own life.

Thus, a well-developed spirit of discernment is essential for living in God’s will. That is why we must evaluate every situation, and seek guidance when we are not sure about what to do next.

This is why I’m here, so that through my writings, words, and advice, God may guide you towards Him.