Why Do We Need These Programs?
Some of you might ask why these food programs are necessary. After all, when there is no power, your hands are pretty well tied unless you are fortunate enough to have a gas stove. Right?

Well, this couldn't be further from the truth. There are many ways that you can still prepare good, hot meals for your family without a gas stove (or even a grill!). After all, there can be enough discomfort if there is no power. Why make it worse by having to eat cold or packaged foods all of the time. 

The programs that you are backing, can be utilized by anyone, anywhere during any time of the year. And you don't have to be a "prepper" to take advantage of them. These are common sense things that can be used whether you live on a farm or in an apartment in the city.

And don't forget that each time we meet our monthly goal, there will be something available just for my patrons.