Why does the Korg Kross have only ONE user bank?
Like I said in my last post, the Synthesaurus has kind of a organizational problem with his sounds and combis on the Korg Kross music workstation. My sound user bank is full, but I can't bring myself to start over with a fresh and empty one. Why?
  •  Because if I overwrite or delete a sound, the combis this sound is used in will be ruined.
  •  Because I want to have ALL sounds I own instantly available at ANY time, presets and user sounds, without needing to load them from a saved PCG file.

But Synthesaurus, isn't that a bit much to ask?

Well, is it? Think about it: Imagine you buy a new PC / tablet / smartphone / whatever computer device, and when you unbox it at home and switch it on for the first time, you realize that the device has EXACTLY TWELVE file folders. And the device does NOT allow you to add more file folders, or rename the existing ones. On top of that, the device does NOT allow you to save MORE THAN 128 files in those file folders.

Would you want to buy such a device? Most likely you wouldn't. You'd be stupid to do so. But basically that is exactly what the Kross does. It's a computational device that has 12 fixed file folders ("categories"), and you can put only up to 128 files ("sound programs") in each of them.

But Synthesaurus, isn't that why the Kross is so inexpensive?

I don't think so, because this is software-related, not hardware.  The reason why the Kross is cheap is because it has a cheap keybed and no touch screen. Remember what you could do with a cheap smartphone in 2013? The year the Kross was released? The software technology clearly existed back then, for very very little money.

I simply don't understand why it is such a big deal for the Kross to have MORE than 12 file folders, in which you can put MORE than 128 sounds. And even IF the Kross didn't have enough internal memory for that (which is ridiculous, because in 2013 I got free 32-GB-USB sticks as promotional gifts up the ass), why isn't the Kross using the SD card as a simple memory expansion, like every smartphone does??

Why does the Kross treat its external memory like machines of ye olden days?

What bothers me about the whole thing is the fact that loading a sound from the external memory (SD card) works like on a synth from 1994, where you had load stuff from 3.5" discs: You have to interrupt the creative process, aka programming a combi / composing a sequencer song, and change to another "mode".

Back then it made sense, because loading from discs was slow. But now we have SD cards. Instant data access. I just don't get why you can't just browse through sounds that are stored on the SD card like you can browse through sounds in the internal memory. No! Instead, you have to LOAD each sound before you can play it! IT MAKES NO F*CKING SENSE!!

Oh, and about that thing with the combi-ruining-by-deleting-sounds: Would it have been too much to ask if the Kross warned you when changing or deleting a sound, like "This sound is currently used in combis 003, 005, 011!"??

Sigh. But on the other hand: What do you expect from a company that makes you turn the data wheel 320 times to execute a simple function (I'm referencing this Kross review video of mine)?