Why the heck should I pay for this stuff?
If you're reader of Gastronomic Salt Lake City and wonder why I'm asking for a monthly payment - you might be just be asking -surely this should all be a labor of love? Right?

You're not wrong, and for the past decade I've ran Gastronomic SLC with a limited budget and lots of goodwill.  Over the most recent years I've been able to make a modest income off of the site by working with local businesses who I respect and trust.   That in turn has helped me invest into better software, equipment and advertising platforms to improve the site and reach more people. 

I want to build on that.  I want to raise the bar.  I want to be able to pay quality writers, and produce even more content to keep you upto date with everything happening in the food and beverage scene here in Utah.

Long term followers of the food scene in Utah will have no doubt witnessed the slow and painful decline in coverage by the mainstream print media.  Some publications rely more and more heavily on AP wire pieces, some have dropped covering the food scene at all.    Some literally write about the latest chain restaurant and their new item. That's not food coverage I want to read, what about you?

The fact of the matter is that many of these legacy print publications are built on a completely different cost structure, one that relies on the income of a different era and business model.   These business have massive infrastructures, staff, facilities, costs. As budgets are squeezed the first things to go are niche news area such as food. Not to mention talented writers.  

I'll put my neck on the line and admit that I'd love nothing more than to build Gastronomic Salt Lake City into the de-facto independent food and beverage platform here in Utah.   THE place you come to get all your foodie news from. 

I don't want to follow in the failing footsteps of traditional media and have to rely on ad dollars and spam you left right and center.   I'd much prefer to be driven by you, the reader.     

If you don't think the content is worth the price of a cup of coffee once a month, hey that's cool, keep reading anyway.  I'm going to keep working hard to convince you otherwise.

Every time you read a wire piece in a major local publication, coverage of some chain restaurant or equally an utterly useless restaurant review - think of this piece.  Maybe come back and invest $30/yr in my crazy dream.

The reality is my own cost structure vastly differs from those legacy print publications, and for less than 10 cents a day, I can do quite a lot more.