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Why I avoid living as a means to an end
One of the biggest problems I have encountered as an entrepreneur is starting too many new projects. In fact, this has been a problem for me most of my life, starting new things, getting excited about them initially, and quickly become bored and leaving them unfinished. I am thankful to have been asked a question pertaining to this In my productivity course on Udemy, and I hope I can share some honest insight with you from my own life. One of the reasons I would get bored so easily is because I was living life as a means to an end, and fantasizing what it would bring me in the future. However, when the real work associated with the project became clear, I would often lose focus and put my attention towards something else. Now, whenever I was to start a new project I always ask myself what it is I am trying to accomplish, and focus on the completing it one step at a time.