Why I don’t want to hear any of your shit in defense of Nazis
There’s been a surge of white people arguing in defense of appeasement towards Nazis since Donald seized power. This isn’t surprising to anyone who looks at history, but I’m pretty sick of seeing it already. First people were tut-tutting at a Nazi being punched in his stupid face on one of the darkest days in my lifetime; which was annoying for reasons that would take another article. Now I’ve reached my limit with people aghast over broken windows, fetishistic passivity, and declaring that Nazis need to be given space for their hate rallies.

To start; people seem to be confused as to what a Nazi is. I’ll explain this to you.

A Nazi is someone who supports and works towards a fascist regime. A Nazi is someone who wants to use violence to reach their goals, and to reach their goals they need genocide. They recruit more Nazis to aid them in their violence. They commit violence and escalate whatever they can get away with to keep moving towards their goal of genocide. They’re not a different way of doing things. They’re not people with different opinions. They are a threat to you unless you fit properly into their ethno-nationalist state, you’re on-board with their goals, and you will accept genocide to reach those goals.

If that doesn’t describe you, maybe you should re-evaluate if you think the best plan is appeasement while they gain power.

Now that you understand what a Nazi is, understand Milo is a Nazi.

(Side note: I don’t give a shit that he’s gay or had sex with a black guy. Ernst Rohm was gay, the Nazis were cool with it while he helped them gain influence. When he wasn’t useful they killed him. Because they’re Nazis. Also, racists can have sex with black people. Lots of people can be Nazis. It doesn’t matter if they’re a ______.)

Milo argues that there is a “Muslim problem” that includes all Muslims and that they need to be eliminated. He argues that undocumented immigrants need to be purged. He spreads hate about transgender people and tries to claim that Muslims, undocumented people, and transgender people are threats to his followers and the country. When he goes to schools he will collect pictures/personal information about transgender and undocumented students beforehand. After arguing for violence and genocide, he will then out these members of marginalized groups so his followers can direct attacks on them.

Understand that these are the hate rallies you’re arguing in favor of having.

Speaking of the arguments, one of the main reasons I wanted to write this is that I’m tired of repeating myself answering the same six arguments. They can be summed up like this:

I can understand how you came up with these, but they’re stupid and here’s why.

1. The right to free speech is more important than anything in the world and must be defended!

No it’s not. That’s a great thing to establish right away. Your right to do whatever you want isn’t more important than my right to live my life without hate crimes being organized against me. You’re not allowed to organize attacks on the government. You’re not allowed to lie about a fire in a crowded building. You aren’t allowed to hire an assassin to kill someone. The idea that someone shouldn’t be allowed to organize violence against minorities is an alien idea just because it doesn’t sound like that violence would be at straight white guys.

Yes. I get that the ACLU defended the right for Nazis to rally in the past. Guess what? We’ve made lots of shitty mistakes in our past. We don’t have to repeat them.

Directing violence and building towards genocide isn’t harmless speech.

They don’t care about your logical arguments. They’ll let you defend them until you aren’t useful. I already went over how that goes.

2. If you don’t let a Nazi talk than you’re the real Nazi!

As I explained earlier, Nazis committed genocide and used violence to seize power. They didn’t stop people from having hate rallies. This seems to be a common confusion.

3. If you’re violent towards Nazis they might be violent back!

Again, you might need to read the beginning again when I explain Nazis. There was actually this whole thing where they tried appeasment. The Nazis just kept working towards their goals glad to be free of interference.

In fact, here’s a link to a documentary. It’s 45 minutes. It’s really useful.


Ok, so now moving on

4. If you’re violent towards Nazis then Trump might crack down on protests!

You must have missed how the Womens March was referred to as “Dangerous or worse” “A threat to security” “Violent and threatening” “A riot” as well as calls to investigate Madonna for terrorism and treason. You must have also missed how Donald banned Muslims only from countries where we’ve had no deaths from militant attacks. You must have also missed Spicer talking about the non-existent Iranians who blew up our boat which was actually not ours.

What I’m trying to get at is that they don’t care about real threats. If they want a threat they say there’s a threat. Chicago has a murder rate of 7.8 out of 100,000 while the average for America is 3.9 out of 100,000. According to Donald and Co, Chicago is a post-apocalyptic war zone where gang thugs trade dead bodies for social programs and anyone who goes out for bread is executed on sight.

This argument also sets up people to blame marginalized groups for their own oppression. Don’t do that.

5. By trying to stop the Nazis you’re giving them attention and they might get more power!

The Nazis have attention because they’ve had a wide online hate platform to operate on that Steve Bannon helped create. Milo was given a platform by Steve Bannon and he writes for Breitbart. Steve Bannon is already in the White House. It’s not some future worry you’re trying to prevent. They’re in power now. Their plan is to use that power to reach their goal and help with the genocide on the way. Stopping that is the important part.

6. The best solution is to be peaceful. The police will protect you if they get violent. :)

Lol. That’s so adorable. But no. It’s bullshit. If you turn to walk away instead of fighting they will stab you in the back. Then the police won’t give a shit because you’re some marginalized individual and Nazis are in power. They won’t protect you. Don’t tell me to endure hate crimes until you get some laws passed against hate speech.

It’s your job to catch up. I’m not waiting around for you.

A lot of you have been protected in your bubbles of privilege, and you’ve been able to stay blissfully unaware of some fucked up shit that’s been going on.

Hate groups are at an all time high

Transgender murders are at an all time high

And when I say transgender murders, I mean the worst shit you can imagine being done to people in America at a higher rate than ever before. Transgender people being brutally tortured to death, their deaths ignored, and then they’re misgendered by the police and media. Understand that the “Unidentified male body found” you might catch the barest of mentions of could be another transgender woman whose last few hours on earth were indescribable pain at the hands of a group of men who saw her as less than human and the police didn’t even care enough to use the right pronouns for.

My entire fucking life is harassment from this. From constant abuse online, people confronting me or screaming insults in public, assuming that I can be sexually assaulted with impunity, to being repeatedly hospitalized from hate crimes.

So no. It’s not fucking harmless to whip up hate towards transgender people and publicly out them and doxx them to your followers afterwards.

I am not willing to put up with this shit anymore. Pass some laws against hate speech. Don’t expect me to be a victim until that happens.

You know how you love to use the word “Ally”? Well what do you think it means? It doesn’t mean lecture me about how I should really give appeasing the Nazis a try. It means that we have each others back.

Have mine.

Fight the Nazis.