Why I Game: We Are Not Alone

Several other writers at Women Write About Comics have been participating in our series of "Why I Game," where we each talk about why we play video games. Each article is so different, which is one of the many things I like about the site.

My personal essay is about loneliness and loss, and how the game Journey impacted me when I was in a heavy state of grief. 

As a lone wanderer, in Journey you keep traveling toward a mountain in the distance. You start off alone, occasionally coming across other wanderers who share a similar goal, but you never exchange words. There’s a silent understanding of helping each other out, but also journeying on your own terms. As the game transitions from bright, sunny deserts with scenes of surfing down the sands to a darker underground, and then to a harsh, snowy climb up the mountain, my motivation for moving on was finding these other wanderers as well as coming across elder figures at the end of each section of the game. I wanted guidance. I wanted someone to show me what the point of everything was.

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