Why I haven't been uploading lately..
Every week i try making new content and upload it to YouTube... But sadly, things are not working as i want.

I still don't have internet and i am spending all my savings on a 12KB/s internet speed for my phone to stay on Twitter and WattPad and other social apps

My Laptop and Sony Vegas keeps crashing while editing my videos

I cant be creative when making songs on FL studio..

I have tried doing alot of things to start  uploading again but there's no use..

I know, I can stop putting effort into my content and stop trying funny and make things like NightCore remixes and un-edited minecraft let's plays (360p 9FPS) and then upload them and then i can say 'i upload pls subscribe n gimme mony' but that's not what i want to do.. I want to make good content where i put effort into and then when i get payed at the end of the month by YouTube from ad revenue or from my patreon by people who want to support me

Everything is just not working..

I am silenced here and can't make current Jokes or speak freely because Egypt's  laws and censorship

I can't do the let's plays that i always wanted to make (Play modded skyrim, GTA 5, CoD,Resident Evil,Funny games, etc) because of my laptop

I can't upload videos at a full 1080p 60FPS because of my internet

I can't work on my videos and make them as good as possible because my internet AND my laptop

I don't want to make commentaries every time, 

I don't want to wait 3 days for my videos to upload

and to make this less rambely 

Here's a last note :

I don't know when i am going to upload ANYTHING, I will probably upload once someone gives me the 100LEs (6$) for my internet

TLDR : No Internet and Broken Laptop , Can't make content or upload content, give me money so i can start making content.