Why I love GW2, Thanks and mounts
Okay, a couple new videos for today, wasn't planning on doing more until the weekend, but today was another Stress Test so that meant I could do a video on the new mounts. I really wanted to show off the raptor a bit, should have done this during the last test instead of doing the twitch stream. Anyways, I explain why I love this game so much, some of the gay aspects of the game and posted links in the description to many of the things I talked about, also added a special thanks to the guild Our Sanctuary, Sk8erofbodom and all of your for your support and help over the past couple of years. 

If you are interested in some of the things I mentioned in the video here are links to posts I made on tumblr

Aya the trans mesmer 

 Kas and Marjory's kiss 

Caithe and Faolian 

The Pride March in game Part one / Part Two