Why I Stopped Vlogmas
(My Patreon Lovelies- you already know this, but I thought it easiest to make a post here about it to link people to, so I do apologize for the duplicate post.) Many of you have messaged me asking why I stopped Vlogmas this week and if I was going to make any more Vlogmas videos. I was hesitant to make a video on why or really tell you guys because truthfully, the reason why I had to stop isn't happy or fun or holiday cheery. You guys may remember a couple of months ago I had a clip from my Great Aunt Minnie's 100th birthday party in a Maddening Monday's video. Unfortunately this past Sunday she passed away. While it's hard to say that any death at age 100 is unexpected, it definitely came as a surprise to my family members as she never became ill or showed signs that the end was near. Both a blessing and a curse, as she stayed one of the sharpest and smartest women I've ever known until the very end. It was because of this that obviously Vlogmas had to end this week. Since it was a holiday week, we were totally unclear of when services would be held or what the arrangements would be. This is also why there will be no Maddening Monday's this coming week, as everything fell to this weekend. Some things in life are more important than videos. I do apologize that I wasn't able to complete Vlogmas after we got so far. I hate going back on commitments, but death is something that calls for it. I thank you all for the kind wishes and prayers. I truly hope you're having an amazing holiday with your family friends. I'll be back with more stuff for you all soon and look forward to a new year of amazing things! Xx Kristen