Why I Stopped Uploading (IAMBING)
So I thought I'd shake things up with a new video called Why I Stopped Uploading.


So this is an idea I've been toying with for about 6 months. It started as a note on my phone: 'How do I explain why I haven't been making comedy and just sad shit?' I liked the idea of blaming it on some kind of disease or parasite.

The turning point came quite recently when I decided to combine it with another idea in my notebook- a pastiche of the now incredibly clichéd 'YouTuber having a public creative crisis' video. Although they often come from a genuine feeling of frustration, pressure, or fear, they rarely change anything or say anything of value. Most of the time all this kind of video accomplishes is underscoring the incredible privilege of the creator in question. (I am most definitely speaking about myself here, as well.)

The video itself was shot over two days. My main camera, my beautiful GH3, is broken and in need of repair, so this was filmed using Mandy's Canon 80D. All the lines were improvised, based on a few hours of research watching a LOT of different creators' apology/crisis videos. The Quazod parasite, Norman, was constructed using several condoms, electrical tape, corn starch, and chocolate sauce. (I'll upload a behind-the-scenes as a Patron-only perk later this month.)

Thanks for watching, and thank you for supporting my comedy!

- C x