i'm sorry for the lack of updates. the last 2 months were extremely hard, emotionnally and physically. I'd rather avoid mentionning why cause it's painful but i'm on medication to deal with anxiety and the trauma and need a lot of time to recover. I'm trying every day since "it" happened to get back my life together but it's not easy. If you want to find out what's the deal about, you can check my vlog channel https://www.youtube.com/user/sakuemsvlog

I will get back to art and all, day by day but it's just been 2 weeks that i got "out" of the situation and sadly, i was to get out in massive loss and pain. So recovery isn't easy but i'm working on it.

I hope you can understand and support me while i'll get on things. I know myself and the progress i'm making and i do think that weeks and weeks will help more and more. Like any traumatic situation, you can heal if you surround yourself by new habits, doing what you love and distracting yourself. I definitely want to start working again but i might have times where i zone off just to reconnect with myself and focus on the future.

What happened is the end of an era, opening a new chapter.Change after loss is essential but also  scary.I hate changes but i'm learning to live with this slowly.

i'll give happy update and new art as soon as i can

thank you for your patience