Why I was inspired to create the Tough Girl Podcast
I was doing a lot of motivational speaking at local schools, talking about challenge and change and I became very aware of how few female role models were in the media. How when you think of adventurers or explorers you think of men with beards and biceps. 

Sports women don’t get the recognition, sponsorship or media exposure they deserve. I could talk about the reasons behind this, I could complain about it not being fair, but that’s not going to help change the situation. 

I believe if you want to change something you have to get involved and have to take action. 

I knew I could change this. 

I knew I could get more women’s stories out there.

I knew I could make a difference. 

Podcasts are a great way to learn new information and to fill dead time e.g. when you’re commuting, running, walking, cleaning etc You can be filling your head with motivation and inspiration. 

This is what the Tough Girl Podcast does. I interview women from around the world, from all backgrounds, cultures, and ages. Women who’ve faced challenges in their lives, from dealing with toxic relationships or going from the couch to running the London Marathon, women who are battling to be accepted for their size, women who wanted to swim the English channel, climb mountains and row across oceans.

These women have fantastic stories to share. 

I get to ask them the important questions; the question of why they do what they do, the how, the motivation, the failures they’ve overcome, what drives them, what keeps them going, how they over came the fear, the pain, the negative attitudes of other people. 

They share it all, and these stories are personal. You listen to them as they talk and it’s like they’re talking only to you. 

This is the power of podcasting and if you haven’t listening to a podcast.... 

Listen! Give it a go!


You can listen to the Tough Girl Podcast on the go via iTunes, Soundcloud & Stitcher!