Why i'm doing this?

Over the years of working as a personal trainer, I had to struggle  with some clients. they had a good diet and excellent training program.  But still, it didn't work. at first, i was blaming my self then them.  Then frustration came and with it, the solution of the problem. I wanted  so badly to be the best trainer that I began to read books like "psycho  cybernetics" ,  "the big leap" and "think and grow rich". in last of them I have found  the sentence "what mind doesn't believe body cant achieve" and then I  understood what was wrong. All of those people have one thing in common.  They all complain "I have tried everything and nothing works maybe I have to be like this". They had no faith in what they want to  accomplish.

Because of that, I decided to write fitness e-book about the right mindset, what is it and how to achieve it. I  strongly believe that this can help thousands of people.