Why Invest? Writing!
Patreon suggests that I continue to post every day of the first week of my launch, and I'm going to attempt just that, and I'd like to discuss why your money is well-invested in my Patreon, and the most important reason is to keep the posts flowing.

With the return of Star Wars to the theaters, I regularly see requests on how to convert Star Wars to GURPS.  This precipitated Psi-Wars, which is an emulation, rather than conversion, of Star Wars.  It's a ready-to-play example of what a GURPS setting/campaign inspired by Star Wars might look like.  And it's available free!  You can get it here!

Psi-Wars: Heroes, which contains templates and rules to make characters

Psi-Wars: Adventures, which contains templates and rules to run your adventure

Given that you already have these, why pay money?  Well, in the first place, think of it as a ransom model.  If I know that people are willing to pay for my continued work, then I'll continue to work.  If I produced 200k of material in one year, I'm just asking for another $50 a month to produce another 200k of material.

Psi-Wars is more than just a GURPS setting, though.  I wrote it as a worked example.  I endlessly hear of campaigns that struggle to get off the ground and conversions left unfinished when GMs lose their way.  Psi-Wars shows a process of going from rough idea to finished product, and how you get there.  That advice doesn't show up in the finished product, of course, but in the blog itself.

This is, naturally, a very broad topic, and Psi-Wars is only the first example, showing how one uses existing things (an existing franchise and existing GURPS rules) to build your campaign.  I'd like to branch out into building your own gameplay models, or building your own, unique settings.

Note, finally, that this is more than just about GURPS.  I use GURPS as my basis because I enjoy it and because of its perceived complexity.  The model I use could just as easily apply to Fate Core, Weapons of the Gods, Nobilis, Lady Blackbird or any other RPG, or even broader creative process, that you wish to apply yourself towards.

Take some time and look through my posts or my material, if you're curious about the quality of what you're supporting.  I've hidden nothing, and you have an entire year worth of material to sift through to decide if its worth your time. $1 a month is $12 for abotu 200 pages worth of material, which isn't a bad deal, if you ask me.