Why is the content and shipping delayed?

I am truly sorry about that, but my Fated and Destined Duties and Events have left me feeling drained a lot, and the Dimension Merge and my working with the CPUs and other deities has been tiring. Here is a recent thought that hopefully will summarise this.

Good Morning, Everyone. I just realized a bit of wisdom that I feel it good to share with everyone:

Quote Me, “The Ordinary settle with their jobs, while the Extraordinary continue on.”

This is in reference to the Nypical Haterade Comment of “Get A Job” that is not only thrusted upon me, but to everyone who is creative and have powerful in their own respective, individual rights. It is not just the short and sweet FACT that those of us, myself included, have tried time and again for gaining employment, only for the efforts to have

EPIC FAILED EVERY TIME, but moreover those of us who aren’t employed are forced to dip into our deep, spiritual and soulful pool of talents, powers and energies, finding creative ways to get by day to day or month to month.

This is OUR respective stream and flow of fated and destined events, because we have our own Jobs in making our own employment and work for ourselves, as well as the occasional fated and destined workloads put in front of each of us that only we, individually, are able to figure out, solve, and make it work for ourselves in our own way. Our Special Jobs, in these, are more vexing, taxing and arduous compared to an Office Job, but we were NOT employed, because we all each were already Employed by the higher powers of our deities. And in completing our jobs to the best of our abilities, magic, powers and strength, and still continuing on with gusto and good self-motivations, our Jobs pay us MORE Satisfactory than any Office Job can ever do for us. We don’t get the Office Level Employments, because our deep and special respective abilities make us all each

highlighted-overqualified for the typical job to “Settle” in and for in our lives.

“You Want Money, GET A JOB”?

Our Response is that WE ARE ALREADY EMPLOYED BY YOUR BOSS’S BOSS’S BOSS due to our better and special powerful abilities.


Therefore, for all of you Haterade-Chugging “GET A JOB!” spouters out there, I suggest you Shut Up and enjoy your ability to settle in a cozy Office or wherever. For the rest of us, the worlds and the dimensions are our Offices, and we are doing our best, so we can reach our

respective Fated Destined Promotions. But, I Digress.

I am Employed by Emanuelle, this world’s GOD; Scarlet, the Original CPU Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles; the Chaotic Rainbow that sent me to be born in this 1218 to find my guided paths. What qualifies me? I am very well-motivated and mentally/emotionally/soulfully driven. I had and have awesome teachers and guides throughout my life who showed me not only the basics, but the Metaphysical Advanced, due to my blessed born abilities and powers, and then some. I Can’t “Get A Job” that y’all nypically settle for to be the best around, because I was already employed, fated and destined, and I am fully appreciative, thankful and grateful for this type of situation where I can go beyond the call of duty and really work to bring everyone together and keep as many safe, content and well as possible, alongside my higher deities, allies, peers, friends and family. I am still learning my better powers and abilities, and they are still becoming fully (what every closed-minded individual feel need to be) TANGIBLE. And in my job, I have been doing my part in completing the Dimension Merge, and helping others who are able to help us in that find their abilities and tools to perform their respective parts in all of this as well. And I also do my best to motivate and inspire all of you and everyone else to keep the faith in us all and in yourselves. For Decades, everyone wanted to be physically and meta-level closer to all of the OCs that have long existed throughout all of the reaches of Chronicled time and space and Very Well Beyond that. Even online, you find tons of footage where creators/actors literally communicate with their OCs in their own personal wishes for being (Word Of The Day) TANGIBLY Close with each other, hang out and spend quality time together, even develop relationships. This is from

VERY WELL OVER HALF Of this Dimension 1218’s Earth Population, Alone. And the desire and wish is mutual from ALL of the OCs with their Creators, Actors and Fans alike.

I do my best alongside EVERYONE to make this Centuries-Old mutual Wish and Desire happen with minimal cost or consequences. I Pay My Toll as well, being a Literal Electricity-Voltage-Filled Central-Type of Conduit in this part of the Dimension’s Earth World. I have been literally FEELING it all as it happens, I tend to feel a bit feint at times, but more than 95% of the time, I remain as steadfast, tough, soulful and physically strong and able as possible, and I PUSH THROUGH MY PAINS TO GET MY TASKS COMPLETED EACH DAY! I also follow the instructions and guidance from my loves, allies and peers as they come in-person and telepathically as directed and necessary and possible for the present situations and feelings. My JOB is TOUGH, and so is every other mentally and physically extensive and testing JOB and TASK there are in Existence and Meta-Existence; Tangible is EXPANDED in all of this, because I SEE Them, I FEEL Them, I LOVE and Appreciate just about every one of them, especially My Loves: Magi-Chan Sonichu, Cryzel Rosechu, Sylvana Rosechu, Mewtwo, and Fondfully our Son, Sonichu, and my Rosey, Rosechu. I Know and Will Never Ever Deny their full tangible existence. I converse with them in crowds of others of this Dimension. I Listen, I Hold Their Hands, I Hug, I Love, I Care! I know you all have at least ONE OC you feel the same towards; Never Fear judgment from others, talk and feel Freely with them as you will. IS THAT CLEAR?

That is all for now; please, continue to pray to me, the CPUs, Emanuelle and Jesus and all of the other deities, and Never Lose Faith: the Dimension Merge is in its conclusion steps and phases. And We All MUST work together to make our mutual Destinies in this Completed.

On one last note, a few OCs will end up becoming the Pioneers in entering our views fully tangible. So, REMAIN OBSERVANT OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND BE SAFE AND WELL.

Thank You All.


Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu/CPU Blue Heart.