Why is this comic called Theri There?
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Narration: "Why is this comic called Theri There?"

Narration: "Therianthrope, from Greek: animal + human. A combined human and animal entity, as appears in mythology."

Some examples of such beings are shown:

A monkey wearing a circlet and clothes, captioned: "Monkey King, China, 1570 CE."

A figure with the head of a jackal, captioned: "Anubis, Egypt, 4000 BCE."

A creature with the face, hands, and feet of a human, and the body of a stag, captioned: "A stag man, Les Trois Frères, 14000 BCE."

"This, the dictionary definition, is not the definition we'll be using in this comic! (But it's similar.)"

"The neologistic definition we use here: a person who spiritually identifies as a specific animal, in some way. (Abbreviated to 'therian' or 'theri.')"

Several people speak up with some remarks on this definition:

Someone with short hair says, "Like me! I may not look like a wolf, but I am one at heart!"

Someone with graying hair says, "Like me, but I would have said it differently..."

Someone with a long braid says, "Like me... but I don't call myself a 'theri'..."

Someone with micro braids says, "Like me! But I wouldn't call a dragon an 'animal'..."

Narration: "So, altogether... THERI." A glove points at a wolf, who says, "Here's how I look on the inside!"

Narration: "THERE - somewhere now." The glove points somewhere distant, and the wolf glances up at it, saying, "...uh!?"

Narration: "THERE THERE - a reassuring interjection." The glove pats the wolf on the head.

Narration: "THERI THERE - reassuring therianthropes somewhere now." The wolf smiles at the glove and says "Oh."

End transcript.

A note from 2015: After I made this comic, I found out there are therianthropes who don't define it as a spirituality. Each person has their own unique way of being a therianthrope, and that diversity makes it difficult to make a definition that works for everyone, while still being clear about what they have in common.

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