Why it’s Important to use Social Media to Create Your Regulation A+ Crowd
RegAMoney.com: (view press release)  One of the biggest advantages of using Regulation A+ to raise money for  your business is that you can turn your happy customers into some of  your best investors. Unlike a traditional IPO – where only “accredited  investors” could participate – Reg.A+ brings the ability to invest in  companies to just about anyone. Many businesses have no idea that their  best source of crowdfunding may be right at their fingertips, and that  is why companies that have large loyal followers are prime candidates to  start their own Reg.A+ offering. The best part is that social media is  out there in its many forms to help these businesses communicate better  with their current customers (investors) as well as attract new ones and  keep them informed as well. Our intro explains why: 


We’re all familiar with social media platforms such as Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube to name a few, but using these  social media tools correctly, effectively, and efficiently is not as  easy as it seems. Social media is somewhat of an art form, and the  companies that embrace it seem to be the ones with the greatest success  with regards to Regulation A+ success. Listen to Part 2 of this episode  of the “Reg.A Money Show” for some insights on what makes a Social Media  campaign successful and why EVERY Reg.A+ issuer should be taking  advantage of this medium: