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Here at PNTS we aim to provide great content in relation to gaming tech and more. We want to do so while up-lifting this great community and empowering them to succeed. As we support those that contribute content, the better their ability to enhance quality, which in cyclical nature returns back to us the viewers.

Therefore support is key.  Along with that base benefit, our discord will provide the following to all members

- Periodic giveaways

- Opportunity to join exclusive platform related "think tanks"

- Exclusive content (podcasts, streams etc.)

- Opportunities to grow your content

We believe in a strong gaming/tech community. The closer we work together the better we can make this experience for all. We feel our Discord will do just that, by providing additional benefits and a more close knit environment for all participants to walk away with something more.  We hope you join and help contribute to our cause!



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