Why my Patreon changed back then
I explained the reasons for the decrease in content per batch few years ago. But I wanted to share the reasons again for clarity and context. 

First reason is that I'm a Senior Concept Artist at a major game studio meaning the professional work requires much energy and attention. I love working at my professional job but equally, I love to create my own personal work, and fan art on the side while worrying less about my financial pressure. 

Second reason is to hopefully allow for more time to create more quality drawings with the professional and personal life balance in mind. I can pump out a lot and try to make the quality as high as possible. But it's not sustainable, and I could risk losing the passion, energy, affecting my professional job, and eventually affecting my well being. 

If Patreon support is super strong, I may consider going full time Patreon Creator and possibly increasing the number of outputs as well. However, as I learned over the years, Patreon is a bit spontaneous and unpredictable as my total support has decreased by a lot. Many of patrons pledged for NSFW content and only pledged for the art, not necessarily to support the artist in the long run. 

I truly appreciate all the patrons that have pledged me since the start of it. Especially to those that have stayed with me for so long. Seriously, I couldn't have been able to create these artworks without your strong support. Whether, this will continue on for years or months, I'm glad to have created those artworks with your help!

If you have any feelings or anything I can do to change to make it easier for you to support, feel free to drop a comment below! I read them all. You can send me a PM as well, if you're shy :D

Can't wait to share more art!