Hi, this is just a post for you, newcomer. I have started this patreon page as an alternative to other systems. The goal of this page is to give you some insights of my game development process as well as early protoypes. This is given for free, no monthly fees, until I release the game. It means that if you become my Patron, you won't be charged to play to the game until it's actually finished. Moreover, once it's finished you can have it for just $1. Why Patreon? Because, I like the fact that the reward for my work will be some financial support as opposed to classical sales systems - although I may use some once the game has been released. On Patreon we are connected. You are not a mere email address. Here I can share with you my ideas. That's the best way for me to improve my game designs and eventually release a great game. Thanks to you. I hope you'll become my Patron. Thanks! François
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