Why Patreon?
So you might be wondering why we're on Patreon? Why not just get our funds from Youtube? The answer to that is two-fold.

First and most importantly is that we might not always be the most family friendly channel, and Youtube tends to frown upon that sort of thing. Rather than take our chances with having our videos demonetized, we'd rather set up a more stable system to allow us to make the best content possible, without being concerned about Youtube slapping our wrists.

Second: we wanted a way to interact with people and allow them the chance to help support us as we go. Through Patreon we can offer exclusive content, rewards, and gifts to those people that are able to help us create our content!

What are you doing with the money?

The funds that we get both from Patreon and Youtube goes towards helping support everyone involved in Challenge Accepted, as well as helping us produce bigger and better videos for all of you. Much of the equipment that we use in our videos are expensive and are paid for entirely out of pocket by us. By supporting us through Patreon you make us able to purchase new items to use for our shows, as well as replace old worn down equipment.