Sudden violence triggers a physiological response that bypasses your cognitive brain. 

Your brain is where you store the things you want to do. 

If you want to be safer sooner you must also integrate a deep respect for what your body will do when presented with sudden violence. 

You must learn to trust physiology. 

You can train your cognitive brain to integrate the reactions of the Reptilian brain. Make them work together. That's what we do, that the core of the #spear system: #physiology #physics #psychology 

WHY SPEAR? Part 1:

"The SPEAR System is based on an 80,000-year-old genetic survival response that helped keep our ancestors alive. The reptilian brain wants you to survive. Its initial response is to protect the head and move you away from danger."

WHY SPEAR? Part 2:

"Danger” is detected via the limbic system and triggers this survival response. At this level it bypasses cognition. The SPEAR System harnesses this energy, exploits the movement and converts this instinctive response into a focused counter-measure. This movement is protective by nature and tactical by design."

WHY SPEAR? Part 3:

"What we've done with the SPEAR System research and methodology is combine the fastest human response (the flinch) with the strongest human position (crossed-extensor), and thus have created a non-gender, non-size, non-technical methodology of personal defense."


"We 'train the brain' by replicating realistic scenarios, this educates the anticipatory cells in the brain which improves both perception speed and reaction time. Suddenly, you’re safer faster because the neocortex can now predict and adjust more quickly as it identifies pre-contact cues stored from this intelligent simulation training. We have essentially 'hacked' self-defense by integrating a DNA level survival response with modern principles of metacognition."

-Coach B

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👉We want to make you safer sooner during sudden violence. 

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