Why this Christian lesbian was not at the Gay Christian Network Conference
I am hearing truly wonderful news of love and warmth and transformative experiences coming from the Gay Christian Network conference this past week. Let me say, before I get a bit rant-tacular, that I am immensely grateful for the many hearts, minds and bodies that were embraced, maybe some for the first time ever, at the GCN event.

Folks have asked why I was not there. To be get right to the point, it’s the whole GCN “Great Debate” and the Side B shenanigans. I just can’t get past it. Maybe I need to take a few more walks on the beach, drink some decaf and pray a little more.

Or maybe not.

I wholly, resoundingly and without an ounce of doubt, reject the view that holds that the Bible condemns gay sex, and that gay Christians should commit themselves to lifelong celibacy. 

Yes, there are some people who are called to a life of celibacy for all sorts of reasons and I am not saying that celibacy is wrong for all people. I am clear though that prescribed celibacy for otherwise sexual people is predicated on the erroneous theological bifurcation of the body (bad) and soul (good). It is based on the fallacy that the bible is a literal/factual, inerrant, God breathed book from which we can understand every law of the universe and for our lives.

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