Why Today, You're Gonna Succeed
Today, you're gonna practice. Why is that?

You are awesome. Okay, let’s get this out of the way first thing - you’re great. You’re an awesome musician. That’s why you’re going to sit down with your instrument - because you’re just that cool.

You are going to persevere. You’re going to practice because you know that it’s just, a SUPER great feeling when you do. You know that perseverance is the primary virtue a musician can have, and you have it in spades. So despite how comfy your couch or bed is, you’re gonna persevere through leaving it anyway. Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder - your bed will feel even nicer once you come back to it!

You know tomorrow never comes. If your lazy impulses, your friends, or your family are telling you that you can practice tomorrow, you should ignore them. Tomorrow never comes, after all. You’re gonna practice today, because a long enough string of “practicing tomorrows” turns into “haven’t practiced in months” before you know it. Practice every day that it’s today.

You know past failure does not define future success. Hey, if you didn’t practice yesterday, guess what? It doesn’t matter! You didn’t practice a day in your life before you started playing your instrument, and look at how far you’ve come since then. Yesterday no longer matters - you can never change it again. However, you are in a perfect position to change today. So when you practice today, you’re defining your future success perfectly.

You're going to make yourself do it. You’re going to practice because right now - literally, the instant you finish this post - you’re going to get up and do it. You’re going to practice right…


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