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Sep 15, 2019

This is an extracurricular post, but I thought this topic would be interesting to everyone.

So, no more Bolt-on. It's now Bolt-off, after Trump fired his super-hawkish national security adviser. 

You might ask why? 



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So, what happened to Bolton and why?

The funniest part is that Bolton was fired right after visiting Belarus and having a super-chummy day with Belarus's president Lukashenko. 

This is a snapshot from PolitRussia. Ruslan Ostashko writes: 'Lukashenko extended a tsar's hospitality to 'dear John.' Gave him gifts, thought he got himself an inside track in Washington, imagined he was so important that began leveling new demands of consessions on Russia. But again made a boo-boo. His buddy Bolton is out.'

You might think this is confusing. Isn't Belarus Russia's closest ally? Isn't it part of the Union State with Russia? Yes and Yes. 

So what was Lukashenko doing with this planet's Russophobe No. 1? 

I've given exhaustive answers in my book GEOPOLITICAL QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS

And I had this answered in various FT and Patreon articles in the past. In short: Lukashenko and Belarus are mild cases of Ukraine and its leadership. The good thing is that they really are quite mild, and the population has a lot better memory than in Ukraine. Still, Lukashenko is trying to play both fields. And the worst thing for Lukashenko and his advisors is that they are economically desperate, and if Russia doesn't subsidize Belarus as much as it had in the past, thus creating what is known as the 'Belorussian miracle,' Belarus is in real trouble. 

That's why Lukashenko constantly tries to demonstrate to Moscow that he's got options. He thinks this improves his bargaining position: Moscow will get scared to lose Minsk and agree to consessions, lower gas and oil prices and more free loans. 

Belorussians, Ukrainians and Russians ARE one people. Like in Ukraine, but in a milder form, we are again dealing with the case of the fat and self-serving local elites, who don't think of the interests of their people, only their own.  

The problem is, Lukashenko's options don't seem to work most of the time, and he again has to apologize to Putin for his outbursts. The guy is getting truly paranoid and unstable at his old age. 

And another problem for Lukashenko: Putin and his team are just too smart, while neither he nor his advisors are that good, just loud and demanding. 

The most glaring problem: no one seems to want Lukashenko and Belarus that much, no matter how he tries to sell himself to the West. He can't secure appointments with actual leaders of countries that matter, Western anti-Belarus and anti-Lukashenko sanctions are still in place and right after the promising meeting, Bolton gets fired. No luck... 

Now, let's just for a moment compare this to Putin and Russia. All you have to do is read my latest major article: 

ASIA SHIFT PREDICTION COMES TRUE! Monumental Vladivostok Eastern Economic Forum Breakthroughs! (Russia, India, China, Malaysia, Mongolia, Japan)

Here's who Putin meets with and who is happy to attend Putin's forums:

Or how about this: EARTH SHIFT PREDICTIONS! Will Turkey Quit NATO & Join Russian Alliance? When Will NATO End? (S-400 & F-35)  

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Lukashenko's trouble always was that he never knew his limitations and his ambitions were always bigger than his capacity. He keeps insisting he should be the leader of the Russia-Belarus unified state, otherwise he'll be stalling integration. That's why to this day the Unified State is still more on paper than in reality. And the West loves this and will continue stringing Lukashenko and his elites (who I must say are really small-minded) along. 

Putin understands all this and is making the whole thing run its course. Either Lukashenko will finally get what his real place is, or he will be gone... Meantime, Putin creates victories in Asia, Middle East and everywhere else, where it's possible.  

But I digress. Certainly, Bolton's firing was not because of Belarus. In fact, Bolton was his usual devious self and pretended he liked Lukashenko, while in fact he hates his guts as he represents to this Washington Russophobe the biggest nightmare associated with Russia. Lukashenko is awfully silly thinking that his stigma of 'Europe's last dictator' who has managed to hang on to the 'dreaded' Soviet past can be overcome in the eyes of the West if he gives Bolton a few presents.

But it's symbolic that Bolton's firing occurred right after he returned from Belarus. And what a shocker it was for Bolton, who clearly had no idea of what was coming! Just look at his self-satisfied smile on the above photo with Lukashenko! 


This set of faces we vaguely remember, and those we've already forgotten, shows all those who repeated like a mantra that 'Assad must go.' The funny part: Assad is still in his usual place, but they are all gone. 

Bolton is one of those who has repeated this mantra most vigorously, and now he is gone, after a very short tenure and with a humiliating result.

Who do you know on these pictures who in fact were democratically elected by the majority of their people in a direct national election? Even Obama can't claim this because US elections aren't fully open and democratic, being based on the archaic Electoral College. 

Meantime, Assad was elected and continues enjoying the support of the direct majority of his country.

And so is Putin.


This is the crux of the issue. Trump, as I predicted in 2016-17 EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 1:
has been making deals left and right in order to stay afloat and to secure his presidency from impeachment. He looked for support desperately where he could, and the neocon hawks were those he ran to first. He hired all kinds of old-style globalist neocons, forgetting many of his election promises. These hawks, and Bolton is right up there with others, began steering Trump onto the path of war. The old-style cold war and arms race, us vs. them (USSR vs. USA) foreign policy began proliferating again, because that's all these old hawks know. 

But times have changed, we are in the THE TIME OF RUSSIA and the EARTH SHIFT.

Old ways aren't working any more. Bolton's advice was a disaster and he has absolutely no successes to claim. Just recall his failed strategies: N. Korea, Iran, Syria and Venezuela, where the US has fallen spectacularly on its face, failing at color revolution and regime change - as I also predicted! (See GEOPOLITICAL QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS book and my Patreon predictions)

Turkey and India are on this list, too. It's during Bolton's tenure that both began buying Russian S-400s, while US intimidation failed. See my articles:

 EARTH SHIFT PREDICTIONS! Will Turkey Quit NATO & Join Russian Alliance? When Will NATO End? (S-400 & F-35)  

 ASIA SHIFT PREDICTION COMES TRUE! Monumental Eastern Economic Forum Breakthroughs! (Russia, India, China, Malaysia, Mongolia, Japan)  

And let's not forget his failed advice on how to put a wedge between Russia and China - as predicted in the book, Patreon, and Webinars. 

The thing is, these old hawks never learn; they still think they are in the driver seat. Meantime, the global rebalancing is accelerating, as discussed in ASIA SHIFT PREDICTION COMES TRUE!

All these spectacular failures led to Bolton's firing!


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