Why Trumps Drug Czar is the wrong guy.
I don’t have great feelings towards Obama when it comes to the drug war or even to his stance on Cannabis, yes he did issue an order to the DEA and DOJ that enforcing cannabis laws in states that choose to allow recreational or medical cannabis was not a priority but he could of gone a lot further. In not questioning, pushing, or advocating for pro-cannabis legislation he allowed for mixed signals that said the States and the Federal government stand at odds and we will pass the buck off to the next president. In his defense I don’t think anyone would of predicated that Donald Trump would become his successor. 

By abdicating any executive moves to his predecessor we end up in this fit of concern and confusion under the Trump administration, who appointed a dinosaur from the war on drugs, Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General of the United States and now his looking to put Pennsylvania Rep. Tom Marino to lead the Office National Drug Control Policy, effectively making him the next Drug Czar. 

The Trump administration is by naming Marino to this position is doubling down on the failed Regan, Bush 41 and Clinton anti-drug policies. Marino has been quoted as saying anyone caught with drugs should be forcibly hospitalized. He is also backed by big pharma, which in several states that had pro-cannabis legalization on the ballot last year dumped huge amounts of money to try to keep cannabis illegal, fortunately they only had success in one state, which was Arizona. 

The administration states on one had that they will respect states rights when it comes to medical, but the promise a crack down on states that have legalized recreational. These mixed signals hurt veterans who live in recreationally legal states who don’t want to go through the hassle of seeing a doctor or live in a state like Colorado which as of now doesn’t have PTSD on it’s list of medically authorized conditions to be eligible for a medical cannabis card.