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Why We Can't Find Ourselves: lessons from the desert fathers and mothers
Attached below (in both pdf and Word doc form) is a lecture I gave at Meziprostor. Meziprostor is a Czech festival at the famous Czech Underground location, Skalak Mill. The name of the festival means something like "the in-between space."

I have been asked by a few people for the outline of this teaching, so I thought it might be best to place it here for others to access. This is my attempt to find a radical approach to both community peacemaking and personal discovery through the eyes of the ancient monastics of the 2nd to 5th centuries. This particular study finds references mostly from the early Egyptian monastics and the "Sayings of the Desert Fathers". I claim no particular expertise on this unique history of the church, but simply draw from the resources of scholars such as Benedicta Ward, and Douglas Barton Christie. I add to that my own particular leanings, which can be discovered in Burning Religion and its hopeful upcoming sequel Clowns in the Pulpit.

It is my belief that both the search for self, and the desire for peaceful community development are often sought after by the same process. I also believe this process is often detrimental to the goal. This is the beginning of my studies into this particular topic, and will be followed up in the future with further study. Find out why I believe these things by clicking on either the pdf or Word doc format of the study below.


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