Why We Can't Just Let Them Have The Word Woman

The first part of this essay got me banned and my entire page deleted from facebook so fast I didn't even have the chance to publish part two.

Here is the whole thing. When you've read it, please take a moment to think about how swiftly and viciously women are being shut down for wanting to protect the rights we fought so hard to get.

Everything I had built on fb was removed in a matter of hours... for the crime of being a woman speaking about the word woman.

--- Why we can't just let them have the word woman ---

----------------- Part 1: General thoughts ------------------

Every time a woman asserts a boundary, the echoes start rolling in...

Can't you just be nice?

Can't you just take pity on the poor fella?

Can't you just lie to make him feel better?

Can't you just sacrifice yourself, again?

... isn't that what women are supposed to do?

It should be obvious that this is an extremely sexist insistence on women's obligation to put everyone else first, and also highly revealing of just how entitled people feel towards everything to do with women - our resources, our bodies, our time, our empathy, and now even the very words that define us.

Yet the trans takeover of popular feminism has been so gradual and so manipulative that many have found themselves groomed into something that acts very much like a misogynistic cult.

Unlike any other civil rights movement, the one for women's liberation is expected to solve everyone else's issues before we might - hypothetically - be allowed to stand up for our own rights and needs.

Rather than fight against male supremacy, male violence and male exploitation of women, we are told, once again, that we need to not only include men, but center them, defer to them, shrink ourselves for their benefit.

These days "inclusion" always means inclusion of males. The women and girls who don't want to be around men and boys, who want to be safe, have privacy and maybe even dare talk about women's issues? We aren't included. We aren't deemed important.

Boys must be included in girls' locker rooms and wherever else they want to go. The girls? Well they're bigots if they say anything about it.

This is called progressive.

That is not only madness, it is saying in no uncertain terms that the whims of males matter more than the safety, rights and very definition of females.

Women are not your fucking giving trees. We are not resources to be harvested by men, used, abused, consumed and thrown away.

And here's the thing. The thing that means the trans activists will never be satisfied, that the moving of the goal posts will never ever end:

A man cannot become a woman.

No matter how much they wish, how much they threaten, how much they throw themselves on the ground and demand, demand, demand.

These entitled men are so used to getting their way that they fancy themselves the rulers of material reality.

They cannot accept or even fathom that this delusional desire is out of reach of their grabby, male hands. 

Their demands will never end, because they are impossible to satisfy.

Even if they burn every witch, even if they call the truth hate speech, even if they pick our bones clean...

Those bones will still be female.

And theirs never will be.

Even with all the power and male aggression in the world, you cannot force a lie to become true.

Men cannot have the word woman, because the truth fucking matters.

And so do women and girls.

--- Why we can't just let them have the word woman ---

----------------- Part 2: Specific examples -----------------

Woman means adult human female. 

Female is a biological sex.

Anything else is the result of absurd propaganda employed with the sole goal of confusing the matter to facilitate manipulation.

If we give up the words woman and female and allow them to be a feeling in a man's head, a costume, a fetish, or something that cannot be named or defined in any meaningful way, then...

Women's rights vanish from law.

Protections for the female sex are instantly removed.

Women-only meetings are invaded, taken over or shut down altogether.

Resources and opportunities intended to benefit women and girls will be reallocated or simply claimed by males.

The same goes for resources for homosexuals, especially the already noticeably smaller ones for lesbians.

The sex-segregated intimate spaces that women fought so hard for cease to exist. Women are once again forced to choose between being ogled and harassed by men or staying home.

The word lesbian is lost. If anyone can claim to be a woman, then being a woman who is exclusively attracted to other women loses all meaning - and women's clearly defined boundaries go with it.

Already underfunded and ignored sports for women and girls become unisex. Scholarships, wins and encouragement once again go solely to males.

Boys are housed alongside girls in dorms, on overnight trips etc. 

Girls are not asked and parents are not informed.

Children who do not conform to sex stereotypes are indoctrinated and put on the path to transition. 

Males are put in charge of vulnerable situations where a female was requested, such as physical exams, mandatory urine tests and intimate care for the disabled or elderly. 

Men demand and gain access to women's shelters and rape crisis centers.

Rapists are placed in women's prisons.

Sex is inaccurately reported and crime statistics skewed.

Criminals evade detection because the police are looking for a man while the culprit hides behind a new gender and name.

Free speech is contingent on male approval.

The language that enables us to talk about our oppression and name our oppressors is stolen from us.

All that we've achieved, all the battles we thought we'd finally won, everything is set back.

And if you think this is hypothetical or hyperbole...

Every single point highlighted on this list has already happened.

And it will only get worse if we don't stop it.

There is no end to men's imagination when it comes to exploiting and harming women.

That's why we need feminism. REAL feminism.


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