Why We're Marching
Yesterday, the President of the United States asked in a meeting about immigration why we were accepting so many people from "shithole" nations.

The president of a nation of immigrants questioned whether we should accept people from primarily black and brown nations instead of places like Norway.





In general, I have tried to stay away from 45 on my professional page because I'm attempting to center the discussion on the dignity of ALL people, not the people who cause the political divisiveness currently dominating our country.  Yet, I cannot stay silent on this one.  How can I run a company aimed at addressing racism if I don't call out racism, no matter how it presents itself?  How do I talk about honoring the dignity of all people when the person charged with leading our nation fails to acknowledge the dignity of millions of people?  How can I do my job unless I do my job?

So I will state this clearly:  this president is a racist.  He consistently makes statements that "otherizes" people who are different from him.  He marks America as a place reserved for *only* white people and questions the validity, patriotism, and humanity of anyone who isn't of his hue.  With these latest statements, he attempts to *again* place America into a position on the world stage that we have lost, most noticeably under his leadership.  We are no longer the shining light on the hill, and as long as he is president, we never will be.

If we go by any positive, objective measure, there is no reason that anyone from a country like Norway or Denmark would want to immigrate here.  Of first-world nations, we lead in gun deaths, police shootings and deaths,  people dying from lack of health care access, incarceration rates, educational inequality, income inequality, etc.  I would love to see a nation where we lead in intangibles like happiness, compassion, success, and equity.

The immigrants from these so-called "shithole" nations are the best hope we have to flip the empathy dynamic.  Maybe we can replace laws based upon greed, anger, and prejudice with ones that are founded in compassion, joy, and empathy for all.

That's the nation I envision for the future.  We have plenty of work to do, but we need serious, intelligent, and empathetic people in places of power to do it.  This president is not it.  

None of us can afford to remain silent.

So, this episode reinforces the reasons why I joined the St. Louis Women's March for Truth Planning Committee.  It underscores all the beliefs that I will represent as I stand proudly with thousands of St. Louisans on January 20th in a show of unity.  It says that I believe in our nation.  We will overcome the scars and stains of bigotry, racism, and prejudice inflicted upon the fabric of our nation.  We will live up to the idealism presented in our founding documents, which were perfectly worded, but implemented and interpreted by imperfect people.  

We will be what we promised we could be, and we will do it in spite of people who would sabotage our chances.  Please march with me.