Why We're Up (When The Rest Of The Market Is Down)
The cryptocurrency market has been under performing as a whole the last few days. BTC is down 8% in the last 2 days. ETH has been falling continuously since Jan. 28

Bitcoin is down -24.3% on the year

Ripple is down -60% in 2018 and more than -66% from all time highs. (We warned our members about Ripple when it was 2.86)

Some altcoins are down a bunch.

So how is it that our portfolio is up 17% on the year?

Timing and patience. 

We know WHEN to buy. We also know when not to buy

Just in the past month, we saved our members from over a 50% loss on a coin that almost the entire cryptocurrency community was pumping. We almost made the call ourselves, but after we researched a bit more we decided that now was not the right time to get in. 2 days later the coin fell over 50%. 

In the past month there was a token that was down big because of an assumed scandal. Our research determined that it was a non issue and we invested MORE into the company. Since that time our call is up over 40%. These numbers aren't even reflected in our public portfolio. We grade ourselves based on our original calls. So we're actually up significantly more than what our public portfolio says. 

These numbers are a reflection of YEARS in the cryptocurrency space. We launched this group just 2 months ago. We don't shill. We're not big youtubers. We don't promote in any way. Those who find us will be rewarded. 

We're amazed by the people who are willing to pay money to some "guru" that will teach them day trading, only to lose their money. We know for a fact this does not work for most people. Yet they get caught up by the lambos and seemingly perfect life that is painted on screen.

The reality is, patience and timing is the only recipe for success. We we're in BTC at $1000. All the millionaires in cryptocurrency are people who held on for years...not months. Do you think we didn't want to sell when it dropped to $200? How about when it hit 2k? Patience and timing. You have to know WHICH companies are frauds and which coins have real value. Some of our portfolio has not performed. But the rest of it has made up for the losses.  

We give price predictions on projects throughout the month, even if we don't get involved. We also do ICO reviews from time to time when we feel you should get in or stay away from bad projects.

We have one project that is up huge in the last 30 days and we believe it will 10X from the current price.

Join us to get all of our price predictions, and see our recommendations. You will also get 1v1 analysis on your portfolio every month. We may be making a recommendation on a new coin today so get in before the next alert goes out. 

Look at your portfolio now, and ask yourself if it would have been worth $20 per month to save you from the losses?