Why Would Men Fear Women With High Sex Drives?
I wrote about a new study about men's anxieties in their relationships:


"There’s a study going around online about how men in relationships with women get worried if their partner is “too horny.” The actual study, it appears, is

much more complicated

, but I can’t read it because I no longer have institutional access to research papers. Hooray! Regardless of what’s in the study, though, this is how it’s being reported, so that’s what I’m responding to. The Mic headline reads, “

Study says straight men worry if their girlfriends are ‘too’ horny, because sexism

,” and the article goes on in that vein.

I don’t doubt that there are men out there who think their female partners’ sex drive is inappropriately high simply because they believe that women ought to be practically asexual, or at least pretend to be for the sake of modesty, and that anything other than that is “emasculating” or whatever.

However, it strikes me as extremely uncharitable to assume that that’s all there is to it given what else we know about men and sex: they’re expected to want it all the time, and they face severe social consequences for refusing sex or having a low sex drive.

In that context, having a partner with a high sex drive would be terrifying because they feel like they can’t say no to sex they don’t want."

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