Why you all rock.
You might already be aware that my last video has been getting a lot of extra attention. In fact, it's the fastest growing video I've ever had. Even faster then "30 songs." It's also responsible for 5 thousand new people following my channel since it's upload, which is by far my biggest subscriber bump ever. What I'm getting at is on the day I starting working on this video I had the opportunity to do a freelance film shoot for a local business. I very often do these gigs, because bills. Up until pretty recently I REALLY needed these gigs because bills. But this time I said no to the job so I could work on this video because I have funding on patreon now which makes these (not-so-creative) gigs less needed. If it wasn't for your generous support this video would not have been made and this huge new group of people would have never been exposed to what I do. I'm very fortunate and grateful I get to make videos on YouTube as my job and I super duper fluper scooper appreciate all of you. the photo I attached should give you an idea of what's coming up next ;)