Why You Can't Be Racist Or Sexist On Aggro-Gator (And Why That's Not Negotiable)
This weekend, we had an issue with a couple of posters making some racist comments. When they were deleted (as the moderators do with any sexist or racist material) a couple more folks started complaining and demanding that they should be allowed to be racist on Aggro-Gator.

Beside the fact that we (the operators of Aggro-Gator) find racism repugnant, backwards, and a systematic way to oppress people, we can't allow racism on the site, period. When racist or sexist commentary is posted to our site, it's not communicated between two people in private. It's shown to the thousands of people who read Aggro-Gator every day.

In other words, WE are responsible for what YOU say. And we will not take responsibility nor allow these shitty, backwards ideas to be magnified.

No, you can't post to say whether or not you would fuck the woman in the picture.

No, you can't say "me pee-pee in your Coke" or "me rikey a rot" on a picture of an Asian person.

No, you can't say a black person in a picture will commit crimes, and no, you can't post jive-talk.

Yes, we will remove your comments if they are racist or sexist.

Yes, we will remove your account and/or your ability to post if you do this repeatedly.

No, we don't care how long you've been on the site, who you know, or how funny you think you are.

No, we don't want to hear your explanation for why it's "actually" okay.

No, we're not "actually" the racists for enforcing these rules.

No, we don't care if we lose traffic from getting rid of you.

We have a site with work-safe content, where men and women of any race or nationality can have a good time and make jokes with each other. We're going to keep it that way. If you don't like it, the rest of the web will allow you to post the most unimaginably sexist, racist, and otherwise contemptible material you like. Assuming you're unwilling to drown yourself or stop posting on the internet, that's where you belong.

Not here.