Why Your Support is Vital
To see me in person, one wouldn't think I have any type of ailment. I'm strong, muscular, and workout at a gym regularly. I eat right. Well ... I try really hard to. So on the surface, nothing seems to be wrong. However, that's not the case. Genetically, it's a different situation altogether.

I turned 50 this past year, and I'd love to see 100 in the future. I found out last year that I have Leiden Factor V, a blood-clotting disorder, which nearly did me in. This means that my blood tends to clot easily and I have a greater risk of getting DVTs or pulmonary blood clots. I was on Xarelto for three months because an ultrasound revealed a large DVT in my left leg. Further blood tests showed that I only have one allele for this genetic disorder. Since my father was on blood thinners until his death, I assume the allele came from him. The hematologist told me if I had both alleles for this disorder, he'd have placed me on Xarelto for life.

I was also told that had I not worked out for the past twenty-five years, my situation would probably have shown up much earlier in life. Getting disability or even partial disability is nearly impossible since I am at the gym five days each week. I look perfectly fine.

The past two semesters I have taught English Composition I & II at a local university. Before that, I taught three years full-time (up to 7 courses each quarter) at a business college. I had noticed swelling in my leg then but attributed it to issues I had many years prior and really thought nothing of it. I only teach three courses now, but the pain and swelling in my leg seems unbearable some days. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. The extreme swelling is what worries me because that's how the first DVT formed, and if another DVT occurs I will be placed on Xarelto permanently, which is a life sentence I want to avoid.

My grandson will turn 3 in a few weeks. He's a real dandy. He's Papaw's boy. I love spending time with him and when I discovered my situation last year and how close to death I had come, I thought of him, my wife, and my kids. I know how much I loved my grandfather. I lost him in 1984, but I think of him almost every day. He was the greatest man I've ever known.  I want to be here for my grandson and my family for as long as possible. Things get taken for granted far too often, but when something rocks your life unexpectedly, your eyes open and you realize the adjustments you need to make in life.

Understand this isn't a pity party. It's simply something life has dealt me, but it's also why I've come to Patreon. It's not only about the money. Honest. I love connecting with my fans, and I enjoy getting feedback and asked questions. With your contributions and support, I can write and release more chapters, books, etc., and you get to read it here first. If you love what you read, tell your friends and share the posts. The more the merrier.

So if you toss money into one of the tier tip jars, you've hired me to work harder to chase my characters and record the events as they unfold for you to read. Some days writing comes like sprinting a marathon as I try to keep up with the flow of words. Other days ... I've seen snails slide past me.

Thanks in advance for your support. Best always, LD Hilley II