Wicked Hero is under production!
Hello dear patrons!
My goodness!
Since august me and Winroth have been busy bees! The second chapter of WH is already being drawn and alot of networking to get i ntouch with publishers have been done!
We're also excited to inform you that Wicked Hero is being drawn from another point in time to give our readers the most awesome WH experience we can!
Without spoiling to much I can proudly tell you that you will get to know the main characters more in depth fro mthe start, PLUS that there is a much more clear look into the wonderful phenomen that is Adrians ability to not just hack computers! But to step into another dimensional realm where he can experience the result of his coding in its physical form!

There is much more to come this fall, and we can't wait to give it all to you!
Stay tuned! And thank you! THANK YOU ALL!
Your support makes a huge difference to this project! Special Wicked Hero zines will be made for all of you!

Much love/
The Wicked Hero Crew