Wicked Rouge - PLAY NOW!!!

Hey everyone! After two months of work, I'm ready to present you with the first version of Wicked Rouge!

Version "B" (small size) is the compressed version whereas "A" (big size) is the full version.
Download link (Windows version A)
Download link (Windows version B)
Download link (Linux version A)
Download link (Linux version B)
Download link (MAC version A)
Download link (MAC version B) 

What to expect?

First of all, currently only versions for windows are available (I'll add mac and Linux within 1-2 hours). I'll be posting elsewhere once I can confirm there are no groundbreaking bugs.

Let's talk about length. I thought it'll be shorter, but after my several playtesting, I believe it should offer 3-4 hours of fun gameplay. No grinding (a little bit), most is story-based. Let me know if I'm wrong.

Currently, there are 24 sex training animations and 7 more detailed story based sex scenes.

There're a few choices which result in minor story differences. There are hidden events unlockable by upgrading the establishment, but only a few will be available for most since it cost too much to unlock everything at the beginning.

I'm planning to add an open play (sandbox) in the future once the story progresses a little bit more.

I recommend building and upgrading the "Training room" since each upgrade boosts sex training a lot. Also, try building a "Hot Spring". There are funny moments to witness there.

But don't spend too much. The first month is slow and you need money to survive through it.

Sex training starts slow, but don't worry. More stuff will be implemented into the game making it less monotonous. Also, I'll be working on balancing various gameplay aspects.  Overall, I'm happy what I've managed to achieve in this short amount of time. There's lots of stuff to enjoy and I hope you'll have fun playing Wicked Rouge!

Join my discord to report bugs or just talk about the game! 

Have fun!

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